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Byers' Choice Carolers

Founder Joyce Byers began making Carolers at her dining room table in the 1960's, when she was inspired to create decorations that spoke of warmth and family traditions. Using a wire hanger, a scrap of fabric, bits of fur and some hair from her children, the first Carolers came to life. Byers' Choice Carolers are handmade in America, Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

The Golden Goose has the largest selection of Byers' Choice Carolers in Northern Virginia.

Byers' Choice offers a variety of snowmen in winter dress. Small Snowmen appox. 7.5" high, Large Snowmen appox. 10"high

A Christmas Carol
Charles Dickens'classic tale is brought to life with Byers' Choice, "A Christmas Carol" series. He, like the reformed Scrooge, "knew how to keep Christmas well".

Santa Collection
Santa comes in many forms as is exhibited in the Byers' Choice Christmas figures....and Santa even has helpers.

Cries of London
In 1991 Byers' Choice debuted the first caroler in a series entitled "The Cries of London" depicting the street vendors known for the vocal selling of their wares. A new Cries of London figure is introduced each year. One of the reasons this series has been so popular is that the characters are dressed in non-seasonal outfits and can be displayed all year round.

The 2017 Cries of London Series Features a Crier Selling Fruit

The 2016 Cries of London Series Features a Crier Selling Cards

The 2015 Criers of London Series Features a Crier Selling Christmas Treats

The 2014 Criers of London Series Features a Crier Selling Wreaths.

The 2013 Cries of London Series features a crier selling glass ornaments. These ornaments were popular at the end of the 19th century when they were mass produced in Germany.

Williamsburg Collection
Byers' Choice Ltd. has been creating custom Carolers for Colonial Williamsburg for more than a decade. Over the years they have been able to draw wonderful inspiration from this historic treasure.

Salvation Army
Byers' Choice is proud to make these special Caroler figurines in honor of this charitable organization. A portion of the proceeds from these figurines goes directly to the Salvation Army.

Specialty Characters
If you have a special interest, chances are that you will find a Byers' Choice Caroler that suit your fancy.

Byers' Choice makes decorating with carolers easier with trees, fences, flower carts, doors and other items to create a vignette.

Gingerbread Houses
Byers' Choice has producd life-like resin gingerbread houses ornately decorated with candies and sugars. These gingerbread houses can be enjoyed year after year, a tradition that is sure to last!

Witches, jack-o-lanterns, cats, haunted fences make up the "spooktacular" array of Byers' Choice Halloween Carolers and accessories.

In 1621, the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians shared an autumn harvest feast which is acknowledged today as one of the first Thanksgiving celebrations in the colonies. Byers' Choice continues this tradition with Pilgrims, Indians, turkeys and other wonderful accessories.

Easter and Spring

Holiday Carolers
Clothing styles and accessories will vary

Suffragist, Golden Goose Exclusive


Snow Day Fun

Christmas Market Collection

Specialiy Families



Elves North Pole Collection

Nutcracker Ballet Collection

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